Poseidon PE-100

The PE-100 is known for its ruggedness, reliability, wide range of applications and compact portability are all features of the PE 100.

Its range of applications is outstanding. Available in three drive types with petrol engine, three-phase or single-phase AC motor, it is ideal for many uses. Its uses include a breathing air compressor for diving groups firefighters, or for rapid filling of cartridges for sports shooting or paintball cylinders.

The PE 100-TW sports shooting version has a non-bleed filling valve including an adapter for filling cartridges and was designed specifically for sports shooting applications.

The petrol engine version of the PE-100 can be operated without an external power source in even the most remote locations. In the single-phase AC motor version, it can be powered by a household power supply.

  • 100 l/min
  • 225 or 330 bar
  • 2.2 kW (4.2 kW petrol version)
  • Available with a three-phase motor, single-phase AC motor, or petrol engine.


Details & features

  • Compact, low-weight system, easily transportable
  • The P 11 purification system designed especially for the PE 100 supplies pure breathing air in compliance with DIN EN 12021:2014¹
  • Many possible applications.

¹ Based on due maintenance and installation of the system in accordance with the operating manual and only where CO² concentrations in intake air do not exceed the predefined standard values. Local TLVs are not considered.

Optional features

  • Motor protection switch for PE-100-TE
  • Intake telescope (standard with PE-100-TB) or intake manifold for attaching a suction hose.

Sales & support

QBS is qualified and experienced in servicing Poseidon PE-100 compressors. Regular servicing will have a positive impact on the performance and longevity of your compressor. Call us on 07 4781 0350 to discuss how we can help.