Gauge calibration & cleaning

A correctly working gauge is absolutely vital. A pressure reading indicating levels too high or too low will only be accurate with a correctly calibrated gauge. It not only provides a more accurate reading, it also reduces the risk of potential hazardous incidents.

How we can help

QBS are your gauge calibration and cleaning experts and can help keep you and your workplace safe. QBS has the experience and knowledge to assist with high-precision calibration of pressure gauge equipment. We have the industry experience through our certified calibration laboratories and highly trained experts to work on almost any type of calibration surface profile gauges.

The calibration standard is traceable to a national or international standard. QBS has the capability to oxygen clean gauges and calibrate pressure gauges to 700bar – an accuracy of 0.05% FSH, vacuum gauges flow meters, and differential gauges.

Our team of highly trained and experienced technicians are able to calibrate a range of various types of gauges and pressures:

  • Barometric safety valves, transducers and pressure vessels integrity checks
  • Pressure gauges, indicators, safety relief valves and switches
  • Pressure transducers, controllers and transmitters.