Poseidon Compressors

Bauer Kompressoren produces high-pressure compressors for air, breathing air, and nitrox compression, using state-of-the-art technology of outstanding quality. With decades of experience, we have gathered extensive expertise in the fields of development, production, and application.

Bauer Kompressoren filling systems ensure optimum availability and safety in a reliable supply of pure breathing or compressed air for all applications, in compliance with international air quality standards such as DIN EN 12021:2014 (Breathing Air Standard).

In the sports & safety sector, Bauer develops and manufactures mobile compressors and compressors for stationary use, optionally supplied with sound-insulating housing. Select the high-pressure compressor with the right drive system, maximum operating pressure, and required output for your needs from our extensive product range.

The Bauer Poseidon edition of breathing air compressors provides an outstanding price/performance ratio and excellent quality. This series was designed for straightforward, easy operation and combines proven Bauer core components with rugged, simple housing. They naturally feature Bauer’s hallmark durability, high safety levels, and pure breathing air quality in compliance with international standards.

The compressors we stock include:
Poseidon PE-100

To learn more, call us today on 07 4781 0350 and we can help you explore the complete range of Bauer’s Poseidon edition air compressors to deliver you a perfectly suited solution for your operation.