Bauer Compressors

Bauer Compressors provide a broad range of compressor system solutions for various breathing-air and industrial applications. They produce high-pressure compressors for air, breathing air, and nitrox compression, using state-of-the-art technology.

Bauer Premium Line breathing air compressors excel through their robustness and outstanding quality. With scores of options and the wide spectrum of different charging rates, constructions and drive variants mean that all units are individual and can be aligned to almost any application.

Each and every one of Bauer’s compressor blocks contains decades of experience and the expertise of their Testing and Development Centre. Bauer compressor blocks have built a legendary reputation on their reliability and long service life. They are the result of advanced design, intelligent in-depth solutions, the use of exceptionally high-quality materials, and outstanding production quality.

This sophisticated technology combined with decades of experience stands for reliable operation with ultra-long service life.

The compressors we stock include:

Compact Line Junior II & Oceanus
Capitano 140
Mini-Verticus and Verticus

To learn more, call us today on 07 4781 0350 and we can help you explore the complete range of Bauer’s air compressors to deliver you a perfectly suited solution for your operation.