Hydrostatic testing cylinders & hoses

When a cylinder is manufactured, it is stamped with its specifications. These include the manufacturer, working pressure, test pressure, date of manufacture, capacity, and weight. The requirement to test a cylinder is dictated by the type of gas traffic which is being used in it.

Transportable pressure vessels for high-pressure gases need to be routinely inspected and tested as part of the manufacturing process. Evidence of passing the test is recorded, either individually or as part of a batch (some tests are destructive), and certified as meeting the standard of manufacture by the authorised testing agency. This process makes the transportable pressure vessels legal for import and sales.

How we can help

QBS offers an easy and convenient on-site testing station for all your hydrostatic testing needs. We have been a licensed hydrostatic test station (#206) since 1982. Our portable test station license means we can offer on-site testing, meaning you don’t need to remove or transport your equipment. We’ll come to you. We specialise in the on-site testing for larger high-pressure cylinders.

We’re licensed to test:

  • seamless, brazed and welded
  • LPG
  • LPG automotive
  • Hoses, etc.

For further information please contact QBS on (07) 4781 0350 or fill in our online enquiry form.