Who we are

Queensland Breathing Systems (QBS) is an Australian owned and operated business, proudly operating since 1982. As a small and medium sized enterprise, we are one of Australia’s most experienced and trusted specialists in breathing systems.

We specialise in equipment sales and servicing of high pressure gases, compressors, gas analysis, oxygen and nitrogen systems, human respiration and other associated equipment.

QBS is proud to be a Royal Australian Navy (RAN) hyperbaric repairer and the preferred supplier to the Australian military – (RAN, Army and the Royal Australian Air Force (RAAF).

QBS is a highly skilled organisation. We’re trusted in our field with many associations with other safety companies, giving us decades of research and technological advances. Together with our teams combined 90 years industry experience, this allows us to leverage and combine our knowledge to bring you only the very best in delivering innovative projects, maintenance, and safety solutions.

QBS delivers innovative projects, maintenance and safety solutions, specially tailored to our clients individual needs. We aim to keep our clients projects on track and their workers safe, comfortable and productive on the job. Safety is our number one priority.

Our customer service portfolio delivers solutions in many areas, including:

  • Respiratory protection (SCBA, SSBA and SCUBA).
  • Communication solutions (SCBA, SSBA and SCUBA).
  • Fall protection (harnesses, fall arrestors, davit arms and winches, and tripods).
  • Diving equipment (SSBA and SCUBA, underwater communications, high-pressure compressors, low-pressure compressors, filtration systems, gas analysers, recompression chamber services – including sales, maintenance and refurbishment).
  • Confined space entry equipment. All levels of confined space equipment plus training to VET standards via, our sister company – Professional and Technical Training Australia (PATTA).
  • Oxygen and nitrogen generation systems.
  • Marrioff HI-FOG specialist fire systems.

Our team

The QBS team are all highly trained, qualified service technicians and experts in their field. We have over 90 years industry experience. Our staff includes engineers, engineering draftsman, fitters and machinists, and office management staff.

Our expertise includes the supply, inspection, testing and ongoing maintenance service for a wide range of breathing systems equipment. We also design and manufacture high-pressure gas systems for military (RAN, Army, RAAF) and private clients, HP Fill Panels, underwater control panels for diver gas supply, and design and manufacture CSE longline gas trolleys and systems.

The QBS team is dedicated to providing the highest level of customer service to each and every one of our clients.

Principles of our work

  • Ethics in the industry – An ideal fostered within QBS to provide a service to the public that endorses high business ethics and encourages customer satisfaction.
  • Safety in the industry In all the operations of QBS, safety is our number one priority. To ensure the well-being of all personnel involved in all aspects of our work.
  • Equality in the industry Our commitment that all persons (including employees and clients) are treated equal, have equal access to all sections of QBS pertaining to their needs and requirements.
  • Value in the industry Our commitment to providing honest value for money and service to the best of our ability so our customers may expect fair business in all dealings and transactions.
  • Environmental impact in the industry Concern of how fragile our ocean and planet are, and a dedication to minimise our detrimental impact on nature.

Industries we work in

Diving industry
Fire Services
Rescue agencies
Specialist training


Have a project for us?

Whatever your project, we’re trusted experts in our field. Our team has over 90 years industry experience. And can assist with all your project requirements. From design, supply, inspection, testing, to ongoing maintenance servicing for a wide range of equipment. Call or email us today to discuss your project needs.


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