Completed design & manufacturing projects


  • Developed designs for hyperbaric chamber centre for the Royal Malaysian Air Force.
  • Designed and constructed a nitrogen fill panel for the Australian Army (5th Aviation) to suit the Chinook and Blackhawk helicopters. This unit is still in service after 15 years.
  • Designed and constructed a Helicopter Aircrew Breathing Device (HABD) fill panel and system for the Australian Army (5th Aviation) to suit US-supplied HABD units.
  • Designed and constructed nitrogen fill panel for 5th Aviation Chinook and Blackhawk helicopters. Also used on the MRH90 & Tiger helicopters.
  • Contracted to re-design, certify, and clean the Royal Australian Navy (RAN) training facility located at HMAS Cerberus (to RAN standards).
  • Army fill control system on 3CER (Combat Engineers Regiment) fire station Lavarack Barracks.
  • Army fill control system Army Logistic Training Centre (ALTC) Ross Island Marine Transportation Regiment.

Government organisations

  • Australian Institute of Marine Science (AIMS) 2-diver and 3-diver control panel for Great Barrier Reef research divers/scientists.
  • AIMS fill control system on research vessel (RV) Cape Ferguson.


  • Republic of Nauru (RON) hospital Oxygen generation and fill system
  • Refurbish AirSep oxygen plant RON hospital, Nauru.
  • Supplied and commissioned new Oxymat pallet 3 series oxygen generator RON hospital, Nauru.
  • Nauru fisheries Cylinder fill control system.
  • Refurbished recompression chamber and ancillary equipment at RON hospital, Nauru.
  • Nauru Emergency Services (Fire) Compressor and fill control system.
  • Nauru Phosphate Corporation (RONPHOS) Compressor and fill control system.
  • Fiji Navy Compressor and fill control system for the dive team and fire training grounds.


  • Designed and built a complete fill system diver supply system container for Coral Coast Oceaneering.
  • Refurbished and re-certified recompression chamber for Coral Coast Oceaneering.
  • Developed designs for underground mining fire havens, resulting in sales to local mines and overseas mining companies.

QBS in-house

  • Fill control system.
  • Hydrostatic test apparatus (main and mobile).
  • Hose hydrostatic testing apparatus.
  • Oxygen gauge cleaning system.
  • Oxygen clean room.
  • Gas analysis (real-time).
  • Nitrogen generator.
  • Oxygen generator.

Current contracts

  • Contracted to maintain the Nauru Government recompression chamber, AirSep and Oxymat oxygen generators, medical air compressor, hospital ward reticulation oxygen, air and suction system, fisheries high-pressure compressor, and emergency services (fire) high-pressure compressor and self-contained breathing apparatus (SCBA) equipment.
  • Hydrostatically test all Queensland Fire and Emergency Services (QFES) composite cylinders in the northern region.
  • Annual maintenance of Queensland Rural Fire Service (RFS) full face masks.
  • Annual maintenance of QFES Bauer compressors from Rockhampton north to all borders. Sub-contractor to Bauer Kompressoren Australia.
  • Maintain the recompression chamber, oxygen generators, and ancillary equipment for RON hospital gas distribution systems to all hospital wards for Nauru Government.
  • Maintain the dive compressor and fill system for Nauru fisheries on behalf of the Nauru Government.
  • Maintain the high-pressure compressor and SCBA units for Nauru Emergency Services (Fire) for Nauru Government.

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